February 25, 2012

Blue Print Storage

My dad is an architect. He is great at his job and has many clients that love his work! However, and this stays between us, but the man (I love him dearly) is not organized!! I always harp on him saying that he needs some sort of organization for his business. It will help him be more efficient and productive.
I found a great site that I'm going to show him. I feel like I hit the jackpot when I found blue print storage, rolled document storage, blue print file organizers, blue print plan organizers, upright wire bin roll files, poster storage display, and blue print storage boxes. This is great! Everything that he could possibly need to make his business successful, since he already has the talent and brains. There are all different sizes and shapes that he can choose from to accommodate his needs. I have a feeling that he will want everything on this great site, the selection is outstanding.

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