February 10, 2012

MX vs. ATV-Alive

I was looking for a great gift to give my significant other, Alex, for Christmas this past year. I ended up getting him this video game for his Play Station 3 from Best Buy. It's called MX vs. ATV Alive. It's a racing game where you ride dirt bikes. He plays it all the time, which really is a win win situation. (And aren't those the BEST kinds of situations??) :)
With him playing his game all the time, there is so much time for me to blog (one of my favorite pastimes), take baths, study, and watch my movies. All of that without feeling guilty.
Anyway, enough about me. I never thought I would say this but I enjoy the game as well. So much that Alex bought me a pink PS3 controller to play with him! I've gotten quite good. When in doubt with what to get a man, go with a video game. It's a guaranteed successful gift that he'll love!

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