August 27, 2012

Top of the Line Ball Screw

My guy is very hands on and good at what he does. He likes to teach me about new and different things that they do at his job. Last night, he couldn't stop talking about what they got accomplished in meetings this last week. They ordered a large quantity of ball screws from SMI (Specialty Motions, INC). 

He taught me a little bit about ball screws, too, since I had no idea what they were used for! A ball screw is a type of linear actuator. It is a type of tool that translated rotational motion to linear motion. It is able to withstand high thrust loads with minimal internal friction. These are perfect for situations in which high precision is necessary. An example of this is power steering in an automobile, which involves the translation of rotary motion from a motor to axial motion of the steering rack.

I love learning new things that my man is interested in and passionate about! 

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