August 29, 2012

This Beatles Tee is Awesome!

My dad loves the Beatles. They are his favorite band of all time! He has every single CD by the Beatles and he listens to them constantly. I have so many memories of being little and going on road trips with my family. We would go camping by the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone National Park and listen to the Beatles pretty much the whole way! Of course, this were cassette tapes back then... :) I think I've grown to love them almost as much because I know all of their music by heart. They really are a great band that has stood the test of time as far as popularity goes!

I found this Beatles tee shirt online and instantly knew that I had to get it for my dad. He would wear this all of the time to support his favorite band! It would be no surprise to any of his friends or family that he would wear it! This is a great price and has a fantastic vintage look to it because it's naturally faded. If you know a Beatles fan, pick them up this awesome tee shirt! 

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