July 1, 2010

Phrenology Head Model for Thinkers

Authentic Models Phrenology Head

Hey phriend - let's talk brain science for a sec. A modern scientific reproduction based on the original Phrenology head - created by scientist L.N. Fowler who studied the relationships between skull shape and a person's character in the late 1800s. A brainy guy who had his head on straight, Fowler went on to create a ceramic Phrenology bust (after 30 years of studying domes) - outlining the different parts of the human brain and stating what they are responsible for. A great teaching tool and place to put your necklaces (brainiacs need flair, too), we think it's a smart thing to have in your room, lab or office... pretty much anywhere. If you can wrap your head around that. Imported. Wipe clean.
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